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Social Media in Clinical Trials:

The Arise Study

 Rinaldo Bellomo



The benefits of social tools such as Twitter and Facebook are now being employed by the research community to increase awareness and hopefully improve recruitment into clinical trials.

An example of this is the ARISE study, an ongoing multicentre randomized control trial of early goal-directed therapy in patients presenting to the Emergency Department in Australia.

They now have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed giving updates on what's happening with he trial and allowing interaction with the investigators running the trial, which offers a rare opportunity to ask any questions you've got and to get the answers from the horses' mouth.

So if you're interested and want to support research initiatives you can follow ARISE on Twitter here and their Facebook page here.


ICU consultant: "Yeah, we never thought the story sounded much like cholecystitis. The pattern was much more suggestive of acute alcoholic hepatitis, so we've been sticking with supportive treatment."

Well-read ICU senior registrar (He' is into FOAMed and all that kooky young person stuff!): "What's his Maddrey's discrimination factor?"


EchoCalc (FREE)

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FOAMed par excellence. Hard to imaging why anyone would buy some of the expensive echo apps out there with this one on the market. Download NOW on Android or iOS 

EchoCalc is the official App of the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) made freely available to download. It contains all of the BSE normal reference values for transthoracic echocardiography and other widely used reference values, including those for prosthetic aortic and mitral valves. The information is displayed in an easy-to-use format, and is supported by clear high quality diagrams.

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If someone does something of note, you can be almost certain there'll be a host of parodies following in its wake. Some are funny, some are in poor taste, some are better than the original and occasionally some have a message. 

SLC session_2 

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