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Concise and intentionally practical notes on common and tricky intensive care topics. These study notes are intended as summaries of frequently recurring topics and areas of perceived difficulty. The collection is not definitive and not necessarily authoritative, having been generated while preparing for the sitting of the 2009 and 2010 CICM Fellowship exams. There are plenty of leading textbooks that are commonly recommended for studying for the CICM Fellowship exam, most notably Teik Oh’s Intensive Care Manual. Pick one and use it. However, you are likely to find that no one text covers every topic equally.

You are welcome to download, print out and then amend and add these notes to your own. If there is a topic that you would like covered, e-mail us and we'll see what we can do. Alternatively, if you feel like contributing to the growth of this resource, then submit an article (Go to the frontpage and click on "Submit an article" under the login details, or select "Submit an article" from the "Registered users" dropdown menu).

General CICM Fellowship advice and tips

Some of this is advice you will have heard from your Supervisor of Training or other consultants in your department, some of it is available in exam preparation books; all of it is derived from the experience of having gone through the exam process itself.

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This section of Intensive Care Network contains a set of study notes for the Paediatric Fellowship Examination. These notes were written as preparation for the 2010 CICM Paediatric Fellowship Examination. They are neither necessarily authoritative nor comprehensive. The were made to summarise the common areas in paediatric intensive care, ones I had less knowledge on, topical issues, and also to cover frequently recurring topics in the exam. The notes are far more detailed than would ever be required in the exam.

The notes contain a mixture of theory and practical information for each topic. The practical aspect is much more likely to be examined in the fellowship exam – both written and clinical. In the interests of space there are many abbreviations, and I have included a glossary if these are unclear. I hope the notes do, however, bring together some knowledge which can be hard to collect.

Reading these notes is no replacement for going through old papers, making bullet point lists (as you will need to do in the exam) and reading an established textbook (see the article on useful books for the exam).

Please feel free to add these to your notes, or to change them as you wish.

Abbreviations for PICU Exam Notes

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