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Levitan Airway Courses in Sydney – the world famous cadaver courses are back in Sydney. With John Vassiliadis. 4 courses – May and August 2015.

A superb airway course in one of the most spectacular settings on the planet: Yellowstone, USA. Lead by Levitan & an all-star cast, just before SMACC

The Ultimate Airway Course The ultimate difficult airway course is coming to Sydney. Designed for trainees and Specialists in all critical care specialities, the brand new CCAM course will give you the knowledge and skil …

What is a life worth? A beautiful podcast by non-medics looking at this complicated & important question. Includes discussion on sofosbuvir, the hep C cure.

Danielle discusses the intensive care management of acute liver failure, including future directions for treating this devastating condition. All in 6m40s.

Asthma Ventilation PK: Jude Askew summarises asthma ventilation principles in the Pecha Kucha way of 20 slides, 20s per slide. Essential crit care knowledge

Ebola PK: Sara Bassin summarises Ebola in the Pecha Kucha format of 20 slides, 20s per slide. TIme short? Need to know about Ebola? This is for you.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Watch our fearless masters of Sim battle for galactic supremacy on the SMACC main stage.

Own the ventilator! Irma Bilgrami lays down a framework for analysis of ventilator settings and waveforms to enhance your daily practise.

Integrity, Reflection and Professionalism. Stuart Lane examines how we respond to mistakes, errors and poor outcomes in clinical practise.