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Crystal caves in Mexico. David Rosengren’s enthralling tales of humidity, hyperthermia and human limits. How does the body cope?

The intersection of basic science and clinical ICU. Check out these video tutes by Kenny on a large swathe of the Physiology relevant to clinical crit care.

CICM Fellowship flash cards to help you remember some key facts. Mobile friendly, sortable and succinct. If you’re doing the exam, this is essential viewing

It’s not easy bringing a resus room to a cliff-face. Brian Burns illustrates some of the daunting challenges encountered in the pre-hospital environment

Disaster Medicine! Mark Little on strategies for the ‘away team’. How the focus of medical teams needs to change when faced with large scale catastrophes.

So you think you know your Advanced Life Support? Watch these hilarious videos and try to spot what’s good, what’s bad and what’s ugly…

Lung Ultrasound – Case 6 - Strengths of Lung US in pulmonary oedema – Kylie Baker History 45 year old patient sent in by GP with exertional dyspnoea, BP 240/180, RR 30. Minor Perihilar haze seen on CXR. Review the CXR an …

Critical infection colloquium: a 2 day course covering all major infections seen with critical illness, with practical sessions using case based scenarios.

Geoff Healy rises above traditional views on the use of anaesthesia, highlighting the unique challenges and key role it plays in the pre-hospital environment.

Is mum always right ? Roger Harris’ evolutionary approach to feeding in the ICU. Are we fighting mother nature?