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Is mum always right ? Roger Harris’ evolutionary approach to feeding in the ICU. Are we fighting mother nature?

Evolution and inflammation. Karim Brohi critiques our approach to trauma and how we should consider more judicious, multi-directional approach.

Simon Finfer is a leading critical care clinical researcher. Hear his candid talk on the reality of research and publication and why it’s relevant to you!

The 1%. Jeremy Cohen examines what makes us unique. Are there observable genetic traits that will determine how we respond to severe illness and can we measure them?

Exploration medicine. Glenn Singleman enthralls the crowd with tales of the deep, his experiences following James Cameron into the Mariana trench.

Rob mac Sweeney dissects the current evidence base that governs our diagnosis and management of ARDS. Distressing results.

Lung Ultrasound – Case 5 - Supine Lung US – Kylie Baker History Identifying the source of sepsis in a supine, hypotensive patient. Review the CT, CXR and lung ultrasound images to develop your diagnosis. CXR CT Chest Ult …

Paul Wischmeyer is doing another whirl-wind circuit. Just back from ESPEN, he’s sure to have interesting opinions to share, and he’s always entertaining.

Jeff Lipman explores how our conventional regimes for drug administration may be drastically underperforming when treating our critically ill patients

Karel Habig reveals exciting, emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionise pre-hospital care.