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If you missed the Haemodynamic Workshop at last year’s SMACC Gold, now you can watch Laurence Weinburg teaching the first part of the workshop.

There are some papers that simply change your practice and are definitely worth a read. This review article on VAP in the ICU discusses a scoring system – is this something you would use?

Compassion, Confidence, Honesty. Greg Kelly on how to offer better palliative care.

Want to come to SMACC Chicago for free? Enter the Equipment Video Comp and every month there’s a new winner! Too good to miss.

The first in a series of images for spot diagnosis. The images come free from our friends at Figure 1. Can you pick the diagnosis?

Out of hours (OOH) care remains a challenge in all medical specialties round the world. Day and Olusanya interview Owen Roodenburg about an innovative approach to managing OOH care in hospitals. This podcast is well worth checking out!

Flipping the classroom. Victoria Brazil examines how different approaches to teaching can improve patient outcomes.

Li Tan is an Intensivist and Echo Fellow at St George hospital in Sydney. She has a particular interest in critical care echocardiography and in this talk describes how useful it can be when investigating obstructive shock.

  Case 16 from Drew Sullivan History 60 year old male presents with acute abdominal pain and hypotension. Review the CT Abdomen and identify the responsible pathology for this patient’s symptoms. Image Case 16 from …

Leaving bicarb behind. David Story on rethinking acid-base balance in critical care.