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Pierre Janin, an Intensivist from RNSH Sydney, discusses post mitral valve surgery management, highlighting the common issues and how to handle them.

The fourth in a series of 4 presentations about CRRT, Selina Hole demonstrates how to set up a Prismaflex dialysis machine. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

If you’ve ever wondered what adaptive trial design is and why there is so much hype around it at the moment, watch these videos below. Thanks to ANZICS CTG.

The third in a series of 4 presentations about CRRT, Yogesh Apte provides an overview of anticoagulation in CRRT. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

See all the talks from the ICN NSW PK Night Powered by Pecha Kucha, all collected together on this page. Don’t miss the next one!

David Anderson gives a superb PK on a common problem that is often handled badly: palliation in the ICU. Polished, witty and practical: make time for this.

Dr Michaela Cartner discusses the different renal replacement modalities. Recorded at SMACC Gold 2014.

Shay McGuinness talks about what ECMO is, the history of its use in New Zealand and how their ECMO retrieval system works there. The first talk from ICN NZ.

The first in a series of 4 presentations about CRRT, Celia Bradford provides and excellent, easy to follow introduction to using CRRT in the ICU setting. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

Get up close on personal with Richard Levitan’s upper airway in this demonstration of fiberoptic intubation. Recorded at SMACCGold 2014.