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Seeing the future with Pieter Peach. Technological developments that are sure to influence the way we learn and teach medicine.

The Watchman implant is a new device used when warfarin is contraindicated in AF, to reduce the risk of stroke. Learn more about the imaging!

A 2 day course on 15th / 16th November covering all aspects of Ventilation. A top-notch faculty and after dinner speech by Malcolm Fisher. All for charity!

Come to Nepean Hospital on 27th Nov 2014 for a free evening of Crit Care Obstetrics education. Food and drink provided. Watch online if you can’t be there.

SMACC Chicago registration goes live 5th Nov 2014. Get in quick to save money and avoid disappointment with workshops and the conference itself…

Mark Little builds a framework for the clinical approach to patients with suspected poisoning or envenomation. Particularly useful in a country where everything is trying to kill you.

More ICU Radiology from Dimity McCracken. GCS 3 on day 4 post cardiac arrest…time for a CT brain!

A conniseur’s guide to the different families of non-invasive cardiac output monitors. Haney mallemat expertly details the pros and cons of each.

Vampire Planet? Ed Litton on the worldwide dependance on blood products. Future strategies for reducing our requirements.

Anaphylaxis and Anaesthesia. Michael Rose examines changing paradigms in how we approach the ‘allergic’ patient. Risks, Reactions and Results.