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Anaphylaxis and Anaesthesia. Michael Rose examines changing paradigms in how we approach the ‘allergic’ patient. Risks, Reactions and Results.

Is base excess the new bicarb ? David Story’s breakdown of an often complicated and confusing topic.

Karin Amrein is the lead author of the VITdAL-ICU trial that was just published in JAMA. Hear her real take on the results, implications and how she did it with two young kids.

Belfast 23 Jan 2015. Rob is hosting this one day event that will focus on recent major RCT’s, asking if we should implement the results. If you can, GO.

Imogen Mitchell critiques our relationship with MET. How current medical and nursing education is propagating junior staff reliance.

Steve Smith enthralls the crowd with an eye-opening exploration of subtle ECG changes with potentially catastrophic outcomes

Lung Ultrasound – Case 7 – Lung US in the Cachectic Patient- Kylie Baker History Cachectic, elderly COPD patient. Review the CXR and lung ultrasound images to develop your diagnosis. CXR Ultrasound ICN Lung Ultrasound Ca …

Come to St Vincents Hospital on Thursday 16th of October 2014 for an update on ECMO by leading experts. Free superb talk, free food and free drinks.

Augmentation by Echo. Deidre Murphy examines advanced aspects of bedside echocardiography, and the immense amount of information it provides in a critical care setting.

The ARISE study was presented last week; it’s a landmark paper in sepsis management. Hear PI Anthony Delaney’s take on ARISE, EMCRIT and dogmalysis…