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ICU Radiology from Dimity McCracken. Refractory hypoxia with bilateral CXR infiltrates – it’s ARDS season!

HIV and Intensive Care By Mark Thomas: New Zealand’s premier infectious diseases and HIV guru discusses HIV and the ICU relevant issues. For ICN NZ.

Critical Care Neuroscience Update: Friday 14th August 2015 at the SAN Hospital, Sydney.

The tragic death of John Hinds has affected a huge number of the critical care community. Michelle Johnston’s poetic words encapsulate the feelings of many.

This week, SMACC week, sees the launch of Rob MacSweeney’s new journal – Critical Care Horizons. Check out the first edition!

This course, an addition to the BEYOND BASIC series, is designed to give the ICU trainee a structured approach to management of the upper airway. The course includes pre-course reading (course manual provided), pre-cours …

Flashback Friday. We revisit Sydney HEMs doctor, Brian Burns’ talk on prehospital management and retrieval medicine.

Case 23 from Drew Sullivan History A 70 year old man presents to the Emergency Department following a witnessed syncope whilst seated. He describes a 2 day history of intermittent palpitations with associated light-heade …

Flashback Friday. We revisit Cliff Reid’s inspirational talk on How to be a Hero. Presented at SMACC 2013.

Anthony Brown shares his tips and tricks to maximise the chance for your paper to get published. This is a fantastic podcast which comes neatly packaged in just 15 minutes.