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The single best test ? Pierre Janin examines the use of transthoracic echo in ICU. The best possible applications and how they will change patient outcomes.

Victorian fellows and advanced trainees are invited to Hellenic Republic on 27th Nov 2014 for a free evening of Critical Care Ultrasound. Includes dinner and drinks and a great talk by Dr Andrew Hilton.

The power of the probe. Matt Dawson delivers an emotive talk on minimising paediatric procedural risk with ultrasound.

Death of the stethoscope? Mike Malin demonstrates the power of bedside ultrasound, unique applications, and future directions.

Lung Ultrasound – Case 8 – Lung US in the Morbidly Obese Patient- Kylie Baker History Intubated ICU patient weighing 230kg. Difficult correlation of CXR and Clinical findings. Review the CXR and lung ultrasound images to …

Oli Flower’s presentation on seizures and status epilepticus given at SMACC Gold. The focus is on history, management and prognostication.

The Future of Bleeding. Anthony Holley enthralls the crowd with exciting advances in blood product replacements.

A Google Hangout discussing the latest study on Early Goal Directed Therapy – ARISE. Featuring Delaney, Carley, Olusanya, Day, Le Cong, Downham and Flower.

The mental game. Richard Levitan on how our approach to the difficult airway benefits from planning and introspective affirmation.

Chris Thorpe talks with Segun Olusanya and James Day about “The Ageing Intensivist”. They discuss the intriguing question of whether increasing retirement age of ICU consultants affects personal health and patient safety.