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Dr Michaela Cartner and Dr Yogesh Apte troubleshoot common problems with CRRT. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

Gary and Day interview Darren Heyland about Critical Care Nutrition. Heyland discusses the PEP UP protocol, a new method for enteral feeding.

Intensivist Dr Roger Pye demonstrates the Avalon Cannula for ECMO. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

Students attending smaccUS in 2015 were given the chance to win a free registration by developing some of their very own studentFOAMed resources. Check out their contributions here!

Olusanya and Day are back with an interesting interview with Ron Daniels, the head of the UK Sepsis Trust. Daniels discusses the worldwide effort towards working for greater recognition and earlier treatment of sepsis.

Calling all Victorian doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists and beyond! You are invited to the 2015 Critical Care Collaborative (CCC), Victoria’s only critical care inter-professional eve …

A new announcement for SMACC Chicago – a Cadaver workshop for procedural skills. Incredible discounted price, but not many places, so book ASAP.

  The Sydney Short Course is on again at the end of June and participants in this course come from all over Australia. The majority will be sitting the College of Intensive Care Medicine Fellowship examinations late …

Anaesthetist Dr Paul Forrest demonstrates the use of the CardioHelp System for ECMO. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

Roger Harris demonstrates Pacing Swan Ganz Catheters including a video animation and cadaveric pigs heart demonstration! Presented at SMACCGold 2014.