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Poo in the ICU PK: Claire covers what faeces are, what to do if the consistency is wrong, the pitfalls of FMS’s & why Bowels deserve their place in the ABC

The emergency surgical airway should fill you with fear. Emcrit’s Scott Weingart demonstrates a simple, tactile method for performing this procedure.

Face Mask Ventilation is an essential skill. Dr Nicholas Chrimes discusses the different components & how to overcome a poor seal or obstructed airway.

More ICU Radiology from Dimity McCracken. Pelvic traumas can be nasty – how much do you know?

The CICM website has been revamped, and is much improved. They have some really useful resources, particularly if you want or need to do ICU courses…

Want to learn more about crit care nephrology? Beyond BASIC nephrology is now happening July 31st at Manning Base Hospital, Taree.

Trauma 2015 – At The Cutting Edge will be held 2-4 October on the Gold Coast. See more details here.

Mechanical CPR By Oliver Flower In this video presentation, ICN’s own Oli Flower describes Mechanical CPR devices. Good quality, continuous CPR is a critical aspect of resuscitation. However, providing this is often diff …

Minh Le Cong describes the use of supraglottic airway devices. Recorded live at the SMACC Gold conference in March 2014.

Airway and Intubation By Anthony Lewis and Todd Slesinger A good understanding of Airway and Intubation is fundamental to managing a sick patient. This demonstration by Anthony Lewis (from iSimulate) and Todd Slesinger p …