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SMACC Chicago Beat the Bug Q & A session with Kath Maitland, Mark Crislip, Flavia Machado and Chris Nickson.

A 2 day course focusing on resuscitative ECMO (ECPR). Realistic tasks trainer and high fidelity immersion simulation facilitate acquisition, of procedural skills and their real time application.

SMACC Chicago Q & A session on Funky Physiology with Mybourgh, Saxona, Hensley and Perner.

Heart, Brazil and Gatward discuss The Future of Continued Medical Education (CEM) in this SMACC Chicago Q&A Panel Review. ’.

Warwick Teague and Andy Sloas argue similar cases in their #SMACCChicago Cage match ‘All Paeds Trauma Should be Managed in a Paediatric Trauma Centre’.

Howie Mell, former paramedic and current emergency physician shows us how to stop massive bleeding in the field.

For those of you who missed the 2016 CICM ASM ICU conference, Pierre Janin has kindly provided a pretty extensive review of his take-home points.

Rich Levitan’s talk on difficult airway management is part science, part philosophy and part pep talk.

Andy Naidech gives a fascinating and powerful short talk on controversies in management of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Irma Bilgrami gives an insightful and engaging talk on mentorship, the mentor and mentee roles and how to ensure everyone has equal access to these important relationships.