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John Hinds shows us why he will be so dearly missed in this superb talk from SMACC Chicago. This is about resuscitative thoracotomy but really so much more.

ICU Radiology from Dimity McCracken. Refractory hypoxia with bilateral CXR infiltrates – it’s ARDS season!

HIV and Intensive Care By Mark Thomas: New Zealand’s premier infectious diseases and HIV guru discusses HIV and the ICU relevant issues. For ICN NZ.

Critical Care Neuroscience Update: Friday 14th August 2015 at the SAN Hospital, Sydney.

The tragic death of John Hinds has affected a huge number of the critical care community. Michelle Johnston’s poetic words encapsulate the feelings of many.

This week, SMACC week, sees the launch of Rob MacSweeney’s new journal – Critical Care Horizons. Check out the first edition!

This course, an addition to the BEYOND BASIC series, is designed to give the ICU trainee a structured approach to management of the upper airway. The course includes pre-course reading (course manual provided), pre-cours …

Flashback Friday. We revisit Sydney HEMs doctor, Brian Burns’ talk on prehospital management and retrieval medicine.

Case 23 from Drew Sullivan History A 70 year old man presents to the Emergency Department following a witnessed syncope whilst seated. He describes a 2 day history of intermittent palpitations with associated light-heade …

Flashback Friday. We revisit Cliff Reid’s inspirational talk on How to be a Hero. Presented at SMACC 2013.