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A smaccBYTE is a summary of a previous SMACC talk in a single slide or infographic. This year doctors, nurses, paramedics and students competed for the best creations. There were almost 70 wonderful entries. We are proud …

So the ED crowd have stolen a march on us following the recent publication of the Sepsis 3.0 Consensus Definitions. And fair play to them for doing so; it has really helped to get the details out in the open. However, as …

Scott Weingart’s lecture at SMACC-Chicago was on OODA loops and the supremacy of System I for resuscitation

Know your enemy. Join Steve Morgan and Sophie Connolly as they examine the oppositional forces to gas flow that are among the key perpetrators of respiratory failure.

Ashley Shreves talk is on the difficult subject of dying, and how best to understand and help diagnose when the battle is lost.

Jim Manning discusses SAAS – the endovascular-extracorporeal perfusion resuscitation technique designed specifically to treat cardiac arrest.

Stefan Mazur highlights the fascinating history of Prehospital and Retrieval medicine from the battle field to present day.

Jon Gatward goes through everything you need to know about approaching the airway of a patient with burns.

PHARM Physician, Per Bredmose, provides an in depth look at Ketamine in the prehospital setting

Dr. Karel Habig of Sydney HEMS, leads a global panel in the discussion of the retrieval of patient with a difficult airway in a rural ED.