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Case 23 from Drew Sullivan History A 70 year old man presents to the Emergency Department following a witnessed syncope whilst seated. He describes a 2 day history of intermittent palpitations with associated light-heade …

Flashback Friday. We revisit Cliff Reid’s inspirational talk on How to be a Hero. Presented at SMACC 2013.

Anthony Brown shares his tips and tricks to maximise the chance for your paper to get published. This is a fantastic podcast which comes neatly packaged in just 15 minutes.

ATTENTION ALL CICM PRIMARY EXAM CANDIDATES! Details about the VPECC primary examination course held in Melbourne on the 10th of October 2015.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY! We re-visit the most popular ICN Posts in the lead up to SMACC Chicago! Check out the Social Media Q&A Panel (Weingart, Lex, Carley, Cadogan, Le Cong, Flower and Nickson) from SMACC 2013.

Case 22 from Drew Sullivan History A 45 year old man presents with a 2 week history of diplopia. His golfing friends had noticed that his game was ‘off’ and he was frequently and uncharacteristically ‘swinging and missin …

Michelle Johnston, ED physician and author talks about the Artful Arrangement of Words and how we can improve our skills in writing.

Dr Laurence Weinberg performs physiological experiments on his volunteer to demonstrate the use of the Flo Trac Advanced Haemodynamic Monitoring system. Presented at SMACCGold 2014.

Education is one of the core things that we do in our ICUs. It matters. One day, it might be us in that bed and at very least we want to know that the doctor or nurse making the decisions about our health and management …

Myburgh Fluids 2015: John takes us through 200 yrs of crit care fluids therapy in 1 powerful presentation. Warning – may leave you questioning everything.