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Lung Ultrasound – Case 3 - Chest Trauma. – Kylie Baker History Young patient presenting with dysnpoea post-trauma. Review the CT, CXR and lung ultrasound images to develop your diagnosis. CXR CT Chest Ultrasound Lung Ult …

Resus room Feng shui. Tim Leeuwenberg on ‘training hard to fight easy’. Challenges and strategies for the remote emergency department.

The best way to convey the worst. Steve Philpot highlights flaws in our approach to discussions surrounding terminal illness and palliative care.

In Troponin we trust? Rick Body examines the clinical approach to the diagnosis of ACS, how our judgement can be notoriously wrong.

The State of the Art Meeting 2014 will feature high profile speakers, inspiring leaders and experts in Intensive Care Medicine. One not to miss.

Critical infection colloquium: a 2 day course covering all major infections seen with critical illness, with practical sessions using case based scenarios.

From ECPR to ECMO. Steve Bernard examines evolving trends and technology for post-arrest care in Australia.

Scott Weingart unveils his mantra for the surgical airway, whilst exploring its vital role and the stigma surrounding it.

Commonly missed catastrophes. Rob Rogers expertly details strategies for improving our early identification of aortic dissection.

Arvind Rajamani has put together a series of question and answer videos, addressing the end of the bed global patient assessment that we are all encouraged to take a minute or so and do before launching into our polished …