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Simon Finfer is a leading critical care clinical researcher. Hear his candid talk on the reality of research and publication and why it’s relevant to you!

There are some papers that simply change your practice and are definitely worth a read. This review article on Traumatic Intracranial Hypertension covers all the basics and has graphical representation of the staircase approach to the treatment

Ever been confused about brain death terminology? With new and arguably more accurate nomenclature now being used, this article by Ray Raper is very useful.

Lung Ultrasound – Case 3 - Chest Trauma. – Kylie Baker History Young patient presenting with dysnpoea post-trauma. Review the CT, CXR and lung ultrasound images to develop your diagnosis. CXR CT Chest Ultrasound Lung Ult …

Resus room Feng shui. Tim Leeuwenberg on ‘training hard to fight easy’. Challenges and strategies for the remote emergency department.

Renal Night: Come to Royal North Shore Hospital on 10th September for 2 great talks – Life after CRRT and The Citrate Story. By ANZICS, ICNNSW and the CICM.

The best way to convey the worst. Steve Philpot highlights flaws in our approach to discussions surrounding terminal illness and palliative care.

In Troponin we trust? Rick Body examines the clinical approach to the diagnosis of ACS, how our judgement can be notoriously wrong.

The State of the Art Meeting 2014 will feature high profile speakers, inspiring leaders and experts in Intensive Care Medicine. One not to miss.

Critical infection colloquium: a 2 day course covering all major infections seen with critical illness, with practical sessions using case based scenarios.