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Scott Weingart simplifies emergent data on our approaches to early, goal-directed therapy in sepsis. How a little goes a long way.

Mark Wilson gives an expert rundown of the fundamental principles of ICP monitoring.

Steve McGloughlin on tactics and treatment. Critical care specialties as the frontline for the assesment and management of exotic diseases.

Arvind Rajamani has put together a series of question and answer videos, addressing the end of the bed global patient assessment that we are all encouraged to take a minute or so and do before launching into our polished …

More ICU Radiology from Dimity McCracken. Do you know your lines?

Watch Simon Appel’s award winning video dispensing some very relevant wisdom from Winston Churchill.

Education as an Intervention. Damian Roland highlights how patient outcomes should be a benchmark for the quality of our teaching.

The final case of this critical care series looks at models of decision making surrounding end-of-life care and the fundamental principles of dying with dignity in the ICU. Summary of Case and Question A 77-year-old man …

Radford and Van Dyke talk about how simulation and debriefing can help keep us ever-ready in and out of ICU…

John Myburgh on the emerging evidence for the use of beta-blockade in sepsis. Direction for future research.