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Amal Mattu gives career advice with help from The Princess Bride

Liz Crowe talks on the role of religion in coping with devastating life events, such as those whitnessed in critical care

Burns Day 11th November 2015 The next in the series of CICM NSW Trainee Education Days is coming to Sydney A joint venture by Royal North Shore and Concorde Hospitals, the two tertiary referral centres for adult burns ma …

The all-new smaccdub website is now live! Find info on rego, program, workshops and much more. Exciting times.

Women In Intensive Care Network are starting a NSW chapter – WIN NSW. Come along to the first meeting on 19th November.

John Hinds gives his last talk – on the subject he was most passionate about. Back with popular demand, More Cases from the Races.

ICU Radiology from Dimity McCracken. What causes splenomegaly & anaemia?

United Medicine: A new website combining opinion to translate evidence into practice

Grace Leo shares her cornerstones for powerful presentation in this smaccGOLD workshop talk. She also provides some tips and strategies to flip an average presentation into something special.

Alice and Sophie interview Kevin Fong, one of life big under-achievers but surprisingly a stand-out speaker at SMACC Chicago.