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Where it all began…

ICN NSW – The original SIN

Since inception, ICN NSW has provided critical care trainees and specialists with high quality education, an opportunity to meet each other beyond the bedspace and build relationships that extend outside the workplace.

Liz Hickson and Hergen Buscher (now consultant Intensivists – then ICU Fellows) created, through their drive and vision, The Sydney Intensive Care Network (SIN – now the ICN NSW). At that time, back in the “mid noughties”, very few extra-hospital and trainee focussed resources were available to those seeking opportunities to learn, meet others and, from this collective experience, grow into tomorrow’s Intensivists.

Liz and Hergen recognised that the collaborative and inclusive philosophy that defines great Intensive Care Medicine could and should be applied to a citywide network of critical care trainees, in order to strengthen our specialty.

From these ambitious beginnings the ICN has grown.

Our meetings continue to showcase up to the minute knowledge, invaluable for all involved in the provision of critical care therapies. The richness and diversity of our topics and presenters is drawn from the deep well of Sydney-based Intenvisist experience and expertise, as well as the frequent visits that Sydney sees from interstate and  international speakers. As often as possible our meetings are recorded and placed upon the ICN website for download via Podcast.

Held at regular intervals throughout the year and across the metropolitan area of Sydney, our events continue to allow critical care trainees and specialists an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences. Through long-standing and ever developing industry relationships our meetings are always held in pleasant surrounds, adding to the experience the ICN NSW seeks to provide.

Above all ICN NSW continues by virtue of the time given by Intensive Care trainees and specialists – a strong network based upon strong connections.

For those wishing to attend our meetings, assist in organising an ICN NSW event or make contact with the ICN NSW team then please send us an email via this link.



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