We’ve all had them – That particular patient that stands out for whatever reason and makes you think “I wish I could discuss this with some of my colleagues to see if they would have done the same thing”.So we are going to use this space to do just that – We’ll put up a recent case that one of us has seen and which we think others would benefit from discussing. Feel free to add comments and opinion or to share your experience. By the way – this isn’t supposed to be an exam; just a way of teasing out some of the more thorny issues that we intensivists face on a regular basis.If you would like to submit your own Hot Case, please send the details to ICN Hot Cases Hot Case #14 – I’m pregnant … HELLP!Hot Case #13 – To bust or not to bust?Hot Case #12 – Pull my finger!Hot case #11: Testing testingHot case #10: Clogged pipesHot case #9: Cream rises to the topHot case #8: Neuroprognostication Hot case #7: Eggs over (not so) easyHot case #6: Pictures in the dark – Part IHot case #5: It’s all in the kid’s headHot case #4: There’s air in there!Hot case #3: Drillin’ yourself out of troubleHot case #2: High-speed MVAHot case #1: Tonic-clonic seizure  

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